Dixie Friend Gay “Waltz With Water” at Redbud ...

Dixie Friend Gay “Waltz With Water” at Redbud ...

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Dixie has not had an exhibition of her works in some time. We have always admired her work for many years. In the recent past, she has been involved in very successful public art projects. This is a rare chance to see her work in a gallery setting.

Dixie Friend Gay’s work captures a particular moment: the instantaneous state of light and atmosphere, against the slower background of natural time. Painting with a deft, slightly brushy touch and with uncanny accuracy, she makes you feel that the time of the picture is still happening. Dixie Friend Gay attends to the world she depicts with a tenderness that is surprisingly moving. It’s rather like Henry David Thoreau’s observations about the constant cycling of nature, how the falling and death of leaves becomes the beginning of new life, and that nothing, in fact, is ever lost.


The opening reception date is subject to change due to state requirements.

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