Oct 24 2020
Nov 28 2020
Exhibition: Translator, Todd Dunning

Exhibition: Translator, Todd Dunning

Presented by Gray Contemporary at Gray Contemporary

Gray Contemporary’s performance of Translator knows you’re there.

Translator is made up of Roto self-aware sculptures. They’re busy doing what they want. They weren’t asked to come here, they’re not pre-programmed so they just do their own stuff. They’re made of aerospace materials with brains as well as muscles.

They may or may not care to make a connection with you. Because Rotos move and communicate mostly with themselves they don’t always acknowledge the viewer or the environment. They just wait until they feel like it.

Is it that important for you to wait to find out?

There is a moment when your Roto catches your attention, communicates and motions to you but it might not be today at all. You’re either known, unknown or ignored. You’ll feel which it is and carry on.

But the worst is to be ghosted. You keep guessing and staying for reasons that get thinner. Telling yourself it’s happening right then out of optimism.

A Roto has no such hopefulness. After you leave you may have been reached out to, or just thought so.

Dates & Times

2020/10/24 - 2020/11/28

Location Info

Gray Contemporary

3508 Lake St , Houston, TX 77098