Nov 15 - 25 2020
Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Presents FINE WINE, a...

Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Presents FINE WINE, a...

Presented by Mildred's Umbrella Theater Company (MU) at Online/Virtual Space

FINE WINE is a series of short monologues by Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Chekov, Shaw, Euripides, and other famous writers of plays. These monologues were written for ingenue actresses, playing characters often barely out of their teens, but certainly not out of their 20’s. We decided to see what would happen if they were performed by actresses who have little experience behind them. How do they sound coming from a middle-aged woman with a bit more experience and wisdom?

Curated by Leighza F. Walker, FINE WINE includes performances by Jennifer Decker, Sally Burtenshaw, Tek Wilson, Karina Pal-Montano, Tonnie Walker, Tamara Siler, Lubaina Latif, Daria Allen, Rachel Brownhill, Renee Van NIfertik, Amy Warren, Karen Schlag, Pam Pankratz, Anjana Menon, Elizabeth Seabolt-Esparza, and Leighza F. Walker. DIrection by Patricia Duran, Ron Jones, Jennifer Decker, Leighza F. Walker, Ryan Kelly, and  Jonathan Gonzalez.

Admission Info

Tickets are free or ‘by donation’ and are available on our website at starting October 20, 2020.

Dates & Times

2020/11/15 - 2020/11/25

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Online/Virtual Space