May 15 - 24 2014


Presented by Mildred's Umbrella Theater Company (MU) and Wordsmyth Theater Co. at The Company OnStage

Mildred’s Umbrella Theatre Company and Wordsmyth Theatre proudly present the world premiere of Cassandra by Katharine Sherman, May 15 – May 24, at 536 Westbury Square, Houston, TX 77035

The show is part of Mildred's Umbrella's Women's Project series, which we are adding to our regular season in an effort to raise awareness of local women’s charities. Directed by Melissa Flower, this production will be in support of the Houston Area Women’s Center.

Cassandra is a modern retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Cassandra, the beautiful girl who was given the gift of prophesy in exchange for the promise of sex with the god Apollo. When she goes back on her promise, she keeps the gift of prophesy, but is also given the curse that no one will ever believe her.

This fresh take on the myth is mesmerizing as Cassandra’s current events and events of the future happen at the same instant, and even the girl who knows the tragedies that will befall the people around her holds out hope for the tiniest change to her dire predictions.

Mildred’s Umbrella Theatre Company has added a four-play series entitled THE WOMEN’S PROJECT to its 2014-15 season to highlight the company’s ongoing commitment to equal representation in the performing arts.

Initially conceived by Mildred’s Umbrella Artistic Director Jennifer Decker as a means of providing more opportunities for women in theatre, the series features plays that are either written by a female playwright or explore the feminine perspective in a thematic way.

 “Women are and always have been terribly underrepresented in the theatre, even though they are the majority of the talent available,” said Decker.  “I’m going to do my best to create as much work for women as possible.”

The series is being released in tandem with a modification to the company’s mission to feature female playwrights, actors, directors and designers. “It was an easy change since it was something we were already doing,” said Decker. “Besides plays written by our resident playwright John Harvey, virtually everything we produce is either written by a female playwright, features strong female characters, has more women in the cast, or features local female designers. So it was a no-brainer.”

The series will also include a community outreach component: a portion of the proceeds from each play will be donated to local charities dedicated to women’s issues, including the Houston Area Women’s Center and AssistHers.

The series (at press time) runs as follows:

CASSANDRA by Katharine Sherman
Presented May 15-24, 2015, at 536 Westbury Square, Houston, TX 77035 (the courtyard of Company Onstage)

Presented June 12-21, 2014, at Studio 101, 1824 Spring Street, Houston TX 77007

Presented November 14-22, 2014, at 14 Pews, 800 Aurora St. Houston, TX 77009

BECKY’S NEW CAR by Stephen Dietz
Presented Spring 2015; Location TBA

For more information or reservations, visit, e-mail or call (832) 463-0409.

Admission Info

All shows are Pay What You Can.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Houston Area Women's Center.

Phone: 832-741-2107


Dates & Times

2014/05/15 - 2014/05/24

Additional time info:

All performances at 8:00pm.

Location Info

The Company OnStage

536 Westbury Square, Houston, TX 77035