May 15 2014
Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson

Presented by House of Blues at House of Blues Houston

House of Blues presents Ingrid Michaelson, with Sugar & the Hi-Lows and Storyman.

In the past two years, Ingrid Michaelson (pictured, right) has vaulted from overachieving indie-pop sweetheart to a bona-fide pop star. Her last release, Human Again, debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard album chart (plus No.1 on iTunes).

This achievement merely crowned the considerable success Ingrid had already earned with her previous compositions: beautiful, idiosyncratic songs that have been prominently featured in popular films, television and on regular rotation in commercials.

Her DIY approach to making music — composing her own songs, co-releasing albums on her Cabin 24 imprint, building an organic following through music-licensing, and back in her MySpace days (where she was discovered in 2006), promoting herself — was a slam-dunk. Now, it had evolved into a well-oiled machine, The New York Times even weighed in, declaring her songwriting “smart,” her tunes “irresistible” and her live show “seamless.”

Her fifth studio album, Lights Out, was released in April 2014. Technically, Lights Out refers to the two words uttered on Ingrid’s tour bus when everyone’s ready to call it a night. But it’s also a metaphor for contemplating mortality and letting go — themes more thoughtful than they are dark.

Lights Out also marks Ingrid’s entry into a brave new world of songwriting. Recorded in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville, the album features six producers and ten co-writers, including singer-songwriters Katie Herzig, Mat Kearney, Trent Dabbs, as well as the very in-demand Busbee (Pink, Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum) and A Great Big World.

“With every other record, I’ve always written all of the songs. I’ve worked with one producer. And we’ve stayed in one room,” she says. “I’ve been such a control freak about my songs! But if you can get with the right person, there are ideas you could never come up with. It totally opens doors.”

And with opportunity comes meaningful change. “It’s funny. It doesn’t even feel like I wrote ‘The Way I Am,’” Ingrid says of her platinum break-out single, recorded seven years ago. “It’s a memory.” She’ll continue to perform it live as she tours Lights Out — just stripped-down, recasting the flittering ditty into something weightier. “It feels like a little girl wrote that song. So much has happened to me since then.”

Sugar & The Hi Lows (pictured, below) know that popular music isn’t a mirror, that melodies and lyrics aren’t tethered to the cultural landscapes of their day. Breathing a new sound into music with an old soul, this rootsy, vintage duo reminds us why people dance, especially in the midst of hard times.

Ringing in their new sound, Sugar & The Hi Lows are bringing back the era of feel good music, the days when one take was enough and an auto-tune was a thing you did to your ’55 Chevy. Brought to life by experienced songwriter/performers Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup, Sugar & The Hi Lows is a bit of a nostalgic love offering, a style of music to evoke a feeling you just can’t get anywhere else.

Storyman (pictured, below) is the songwriting partnership of Kevin May and Mick Lynch.  Former members of The Guggenheim Grotto, May and Lynch realized early on when faced with the concept of career that that they had only one choice: Art. Their art of choice was music.  They set out developing their multi instrumental sound to support what has become one of the most unique, identifiable and chilling vocal marriages.

It’s not by chance that they have been compared over the years to the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel with a dash of Leonard Cohen and a few drops of Radiohead, add some of Ireland's most poignant crooners and you might have a hint of their pedigree. Most recently they have been likened to Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, but they always remain outside the trends of the day retaining an aura of permanence along with deep wisdom.

Yes, they were born and bred Irish lads but their music has always been universal with a signature debt to Irish melancholy, the sad sweet fragrance and elixir of pain that only the Irish can inject into a beautiful melody and lyric.

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2014/05/15 - 2014/05/15

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