May 30 2014
Josh Fuller - band (Dirt & Diesel)

Josh Fuller - band (Dirt & Diesel)

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Dosey Doe Coffee House MUSIC CAFE presents Josh Fuller – band (Dirt & Diesel).

I am Josh Fuller, a country singer/songwriter.

I was raised on a Dairy Farm in Southeast Texas. New Waverly had a population of 936 people and we were the only dairy for 5 counties. I worked on that farm every day from the time I could lift a five-gallon bucket, until I turned 16.

I was always an artistic person but Dad, being an old cowboy, found my artistic endeavors to be a distraction from having to work, it was the topic of many heated debates. Luckily my mom always seemed to balance us out and she encouraged me to be creative.

I am thankful for the strong work ethic it instilled in me, and eventually Dad came around and bought me my first guitar when I was 18. The guitar was on sale at the pawn shop and had a warped neck and nylon strings, but somehow it did the trick. I practiced every day and cut my teeth learning to play Garth Brooks and Travis Tritt songs. I loved the rock edge of Travis Tritt and I knew I wanted to be able to put on a show like Garth.

When I turned 21 I was introduced to “Texas Country”, and was inspired that most, if not all, of these guys were singers and songwriters! My Dad told me when he bought my first guitar that I had no chance at making it if I couldn’t write my own songs and play guitar, so that’s just what I set out to do!

I began writing songs about everything I could, and since I was still a beginner on guitar, most of the songs were simple and not much more than a poem with a chorus.

I started participating in open-mic nights around town and after a year or so I got my first paid opening slot for two up and coming artists, Stoney LaRue and Brandon Jenkins, who have gone on to be very successful in the Texas/Red Dirt music scene.

I finally got a band in 2003 and we played as many original songs as we could, and mixed in popular Texas/red Dirt covers along with some classics. Over the next 9 years the band evolved and at times almost vanished, but I continued to believe I was destined to play music for a living. Finally in late 2012 I got a huge boost.

A syndicated talk show host out of Houston, Michael Berry, challenged me to write him a theme song. I was a huge fan of his already and had listened to his show daily. I knew that this was an opportunity that I needed to dedicate all my effort and time in to. I sold everything I could possibly sell out of my garage to scrape up the money to get one full day of studio time and headed to Fort Worth to record that theme song.

When the song was completed I played it for my Dad, also a big fan of Michael Berry, and his eyes lit up. “Son, this is a big deal, he is gonna love it and you are gonna waste a great opportunity if you don’t have a full album to sell once he starts talkin’ about you and playing this on the air”, he said. He then followed it up with “how much do you need to make full album?” I couldn’t believe it, I was finally going do what I had been trying to do for 9 years, make an album!

Michael did love the song and he began to play it on his show every Friday. He also said many nice things about me to his nationwide audience. His listeners responded with strong support and began rooting for me in a big way. Michael took me under his wing and began to mentor me. He didn’t take it easy on me either, I like to think our relationship was that of a football player and a coach. The practice was hard, the conditioning harder and sometimes painful, but in the end you knew his coaching was going to get you the Championship ring. I believe I have gotten the ring. I was able to quit my day job and pursue music full time, I have made connections that I otherwise wouldn’t have, and above all I have the confidence, drive and tools I need to create my own luck and opportunities now, all thanks to his mentoring.

During 2013 I worked very hard on showmanship, branding and marketing. We performed with many big name acts, regional, national and legendary. The greatest thing about all of this is that music has brought my family closer, enriched the relationships I have and made me a smarter, harder working, self-motivated business person. My wife and I have been together for 19 years and married for 10. I have two boys 8 and 4 years old, and I have an amazing band. The players in my band are seasoned, sober and dependable. We constantly are trying new things to impress each other and we put on one amazing show. We engage the crowd, we try to “wow” them and we always find a way to make the next show even better.

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