In response to COVID-19, HAA has activated critical systems to support the arts community.

1) Always follow guidance of public health officials: • CDCCity of HoustonHarris County
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3) Contact us through our Support Desk to send us tips, resources, questions, concerns, stories, or anything else.

Welcome to your dashboard {username}!

You can manage your artist profile or organization profile, post events, bookmark your favorite listings, and more. To return to your dashboard at any time, click “My Account” in the upper right corner.

For Grant recipients submitting a Final Report, here are 3 ways you can access your event and capture a screenshot:

1)  Check your approval notification: Please search for the approval notification email in your inbox as it will have a permalink that takes you directly to your event.

2) Check your account’s submission manager: Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll visit “My Lists” and should be able to view your event submission history.

3) Google your event: To search for your event, you’ll type in the search bar “Name of your event + Houston’s Cultural Events Calendar” and it should appear as one of the top search results. 

If you need assistance, please contact us through our Support Desk.


Supplemental Instruction for Digital Presentations Online

For Grantees: Submitting your event to the Cultural Events Calendar is required as part of your grant agreement. For other requirements pertaining to your grant please always refer to your grant agreement to ensure you are staying in compliance.

Name of Event, Event Summary and Event Description: If you are transitioning your event to a digital presentation please be sure to use words such as LIVE STREAM, ONLINE, DIGITAL in the event title. Be sure to make it clear the event will be presented online in the event summary and event description.

Event Website: If your event will be streamed or rebroadcasted, you may include the direct URL to the stream in this area, so that people can easily access your streaming event(s).

Start Time and End Time:  If you are streaming or offering your event as a live online event, please indicate times that the streaming event(s) begin/end, if applicable.

Reminder: Don’t forget to place the City of Houston seal logo and credit line on your web images.

Submission Guideline Reminders

Location: All events must take place in the Greater Houston area.

Lead Time: We request that events be submitted as early as possible prior to the event’s start date. If we receive your event listing less than two weeks in advance, we cannot guarantee that your event will be posted.

Event Types: Only public events may be listed. We do not accept events that are solely retail in purpose or whose purpose is solicitation.

Events Images: In order for your event to be considered for a featured position, we must have an professional-quality promotional image to display with your listing. Images must be in .JPG or .PNG format ONLY and no larger than 1 megabyte with a required minimum of 400 x 400 pixels to display. Depending on the size of your image and connection speed to the Internet, the upload process may take up to several minutes – please be patient. Once received, your image will be formatted for display.

Coordinate with other involved organizations to only submit one listing.

You are marketing an event – watch out for acronyms the audience may not know and show you are the event expert with impressive descriptions and images to sell your event. DO NOT just copy and paste a press release into the description box. Please take the time to fill out each section of the event submission form with the appropriate information; it saves time editing and makes for a much cleaner listing.

Please review your event both before and after it is posted

The Cultural Events Calendar reserves the right to edit graphic images and submissions for grammar, style, and accuracy, as well as remove any listings that we believe are not suitable for the site.

Please note that event review and approval may take up to 5 business days.

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